15 Women Jerry Dated on “Seinfeld”

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It is hard to believe that it has been 16 years since Seinfeld ended its 9 year run on NBC in May of 1998.  Over the course of the series, Jerry dated many beautiful women. Some of these lovely ladies started their career by being on the iconic comedy. This list features 3 Desperate Housewives, a vampire from True Blood, and a Friend. Take a walk down memory lane and see how much of a ladies man Jerry Seinfeld really was. No wonder George was always so grumpy…

1. Jane Leeves as Marla

Before she starred on Frasier, Leeves appeared in four episodes as Marla Jerry’s girlfriend. The first episode was, “The Virgin,” which aired in 1992. Marla was unsure about being with Jerry. In the next episode, “The Contest,” Marla is ready to be with him. He is unable to do so because of a bet he is in with George, Kramer, and Elaine. Marla then ditches Jerry and beds JFK Jr. Leeves would make her final appearance on, “The Finale,” in 1998 as a witness during the infamous trial. Leeves can now be seen as Joy on Hot in Cleveland.

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