20 Amazing TV Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween


Costumes are the best part of Halloween. Next is probably the candy if you’re a kid, and the candy/drinking if you’re an adult. But firmly in a close third place? Pumpkin carving. It’s a tradition I’ve never grown out of, and neither have many people around the country.

Turns out, many of them are TV fans, and there are a whole host of TV-related pumpkin patterns that fans have created over the years. I hunted down the 20 coolest ones I could find based on the most popular shows of past and present, and some of these are really incredible.  Others? Well, at least they tried.

Check out all of them below, and submit your own if you think you’ve done one that’s rather cool.


Paul Tassi is the Managing Editor of TVovermind and also manages the website Unrealitymag.com. He's contributed to major publications such as Forbes as well as BC Media Group properties.
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