5 Awkward SAG Awards Moments


One thing that we should all be grateful for is awards season. And since it recently just kicked-off with the Viewer’s Choice and Golden Globe Awards over the past few weeks, it’s time to keep things rolling as the SAG Awards make their way into the mainstream this weekend, January 18th.

Much like all awards shows, who feed celebrity egos,  allow them to do whatever they want, and let fans/media engage at close encounters with them, the SAG awards endure their fair share of awkward moments.

Which ones have been the best? We know you were thinking it, so we’re going to list the awkward SAG moments you should remember.

5. Natalie Portman and the Thwarting Reporters (2011)

As one of the biggest stars on the planet, actress Natalie Portman is probably used to getting asked ridiculous questions as she did by reporters following her win from Black Swan.  But when Portman got cornered by a TV crew from Extra with a cell phone—seemingly and shamelessly promoting a T-Mobile product—she may have found the weirdest encounter.  The crew plugged free phones, busted out pics of the star from high school and as a kid, clearly making Natalie a bit overwhelmed and awkward. Way to make one of the sweetest people in Hollywood look a bit rude by eagerly getting away.

4. Jennifer Lawrence’s Wardrobe Malfunction (2013)

Although this is the latest case in which a star’s dress ripped while walking up to the stage, we all know that there have been plenty of instances before this and therewill be more to follow. Although there are a variety of theories as to what really happened, anyone will tell you that when it comes to clothing, one can never be too careful.

3. Giuliana Rancic’s Interview With Glee’s Chris Colfer (2011)

One of the most uncomfortable things in the world is talking to someone else who is unengaged in the entire conversation, making it awkward as hell to be standing next to them. While Rancic has been hit before with claims of having terrible red carpet skills, she continues to get gigs at award shows. Well, just watch this interview and decide for yourself if you’d like to be one of these two.

2. Giuliana Rancic’s Interview With Angelina Jolie (2009)

As bad as the E! star’s one-on-one was with the Glee star a few years ago, the one she had back in 2009 might have been ever more cringe-worthy, as she not only got one-word answers and blank, death stares from Jolie, but basically got the cold shoulder on everything Rancic tossed the actress’ way. Again, interviewing someone who doesn’t want to be talked to is a disaster waiting to happen, and Jolie was able to capture that with this red carpet interaction.

1. Sofia Vergara’s  Verbose Comment (2013)

Look, we love Sofia Vergara. She’s a beauty, exotic and proves with her role as Gloria on Modern Family to have an amazing sense of humor.  But admittedly, it was a bit weird hearing her refer to herself as a woman with the “oldest profession.”   A little bit weird for anyone watching or in attendance to see that happen.

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