5 Old School TV Shows We Hope You Still Watch

Nick Dimengo December 6, 2013 1


Although we can all admit to being addicted to at least one current show on TV these days, sometimes it’s just too hard to let go of some of the best ones from the past.

Thanks to syndication of some of the most popular shows from the past 20 years or so, we’re lucky enough to avoid paying for the 10 DVD set with all the extra scenes just so we can watch our favorite episodes during a long weekend.

Assuming we’re not the only ones who enjoy bringing it back to the old school, here are five TV shows that we hope you still set your DVR for—because they’re that timeless.

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  • http://www.lastfilmstanding.com Brandan Jones

    Actually, I caught up on The Wonder Years and Cheers (both great) on Netflix over the past couple years. I’m not sure when their respective licenses lapsed, but they were already available on Netflix. I definitely agree that Friends and Seinfeld need to be on Netflix though. The Real World would definitely be interesting as well. I’ve also been holding out to revisit The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.