5 Reality Shows That Will Become a Guilty Pleasure in 2014


If there’s one thing we know about America, it’s that, besides being the land of the free, the majority of the population really enjoys reality shows.  Even if people can’t relate to what’s going on in them, that doesn’t stop folks from posting up on their couch every night to see one, or set their DVR to make sure they don’t miss what drama might unfold.  Seeing how even some of the best reality shows seem to be a set-up to begin with, some may just discount them. But what makes a good one are both the insanity of its characters, high drama, tons of spending and some love twist involved.

And for better or worse, these will be the ones that you’ll find yourself watching a lot of this year.

5. Space Race – NBC

When the producer behind the super-popular shows The Voice and Survivor come to you with an idea, you listen. That was the case with Virgin Galactic, who teamed with NBC to create this TV show about people competing for a trip to space that go for an insane $250,000. So how do the contestants get there? That’s something we’re asking ourselves, because so few details have been given out about this show it’s just forcing America to tune-in to see what’s up.

4. 100 Days of Summer – Bravo

Personally speaking, we’re always pretty big fans of what reality shows Bravo rolls out—as we’ve mentioned the mancrush we have on the show Million Dollar Listing plenty of times. This one looks to be no different. Although it has nothing to do with the movie, 500 Days of Summer, the idea behind it is pretty rad, as it follows six, attractive, mid-twenties people and showcases them during their summer in Chicago. Think of this as like The Real World, except without all the boozing and over-the-top drama.

3. The Bachelor – ABC

With more than a few episodes already underway, this season of the first of many dating reality shows that stuck is probably already on your weekly rotation of ones to watch.  Already 18 seasons old, The Bachelor has stood the test of time when it comes to the hopeless romantics around the country, so we’re guessing all you women will be watching in sweatpants and eating a pint of ice cream. As for you dudes, stop comparing yourself to the new leading man, Juan Pablo, and all of the ladies who are competing for his heart, you don’t stack up—sorry to break the news.

2. The Real World Ex-plosion – MTV

The original reality show, The Real World takes seven strangers who are picked to live in a house and… well, you know the rest. Except this season is completely different than any other one, breaking all the rules that cast mates in the past had to worry about, because this one brings the ex’s of the house mates back into the picture.  If that’s not twisted drama, we don’t know what is. You might be nearly 30, but trust us, you’ll want to watch what happens on this season—because watching that trailer honestly gives us chills of great expectations.

1. The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills – E!

If the name itself doesn’t describe why this TV show will be an absolute mess, then maybe the entire concept will. As you might guess, the show plays off of the wildly-popular Instagram account entitled “Rich Kids of Instagram,” but puts it in motion, following five mega-rich spoiled 20-something who aren’t shy about showing-off just how much they can party, wreak havoc or give their deep thoughts on life.

Sure, it sounds pretentious —which is exactly why you’ll watch every single episode.

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