5 Shows You Should Watch on Netflix During Summer TV Season Reruns


Ah, Summer is here. For those of us who enjoy television, (like all of us obviously do) it can be a rough time of year. All the shows we love so much go into reruns, and we are stuck being forced to go outside and interact with other humans (insert hissing noise here). Well, I am going to throw some show ideas at you, that can all be found on Netflix, and these just might break you out of your Summer TV funk. Thank me later.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Listen, David Cross is the man. Anything he is in is golden. This show about a out of luck salesman and the energy drink that ruins his life may be a bit too dark for some, but I think it is his best work next to Arrested Development. Seriously. This is one of those buried shows on Netflix that no one knows about and no one knows is as good as it is.

House of Cards

I know almost everyone knows this show is amazing already. But I know for a fact there are a few dozen of you who have not yet given it a chance. Truth is, Kevin Spacey carries this show over from great to unforgettable. Warning, though, another show that can very dark at times.

The Tick (live-action)

I am sorry, but The Tick was the greatest superhero show of all time, and was cut down well before its time. If you have not yet seen this show, be prepared to be awed by the awesome stupidity of it. Fans of the comic will get a real kick out of just how much justice this show does the titular character.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

What, you thought you were safe from Cartoons? Nope. This show was twisted and a great deal of fun. It was also obviously aimed secretly at adults and not children, as you will figure out quite quickly. A cartoon quite unlike any other out there, do not miss out on giving this show a chance just because it is a cartoon. It is way more twisted than it appears on the surface.

Top of the Lake

The less I say about this mini-series the better. I will say this, though. Might be the best TV show (though it is more of a mini-series) on Netflix, period. Also, Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men shows here that she is lead material, without question. A haunting show you will not soon forget, and a perfect fit for that Summer down time.

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