5 TV Stars Who Will Potentially Breakout in 2014


While we really enjoy watching some of the same old faces that we’re used to seeing on the TV year-after-year, it’s always nice to get a little bit of fresh blood every once in awhile.

And although most of our predictions for breakout anything in entertainment typically sticks to our sports knowledge, we’re going to go ahead and try our hand at which TV stars might just find themselves among the biggest in your household by year’s end.

We may be right. We may be wrong. But one thing’s for sure—these are some new faces that should at least be remembered this year.

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5. Dave Bautista


Just like former WWE performer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson before him, Bautista will bolster a soon-to-be mega-action career on the big screen.

Built like a chisled rock, he has the potential to do what Johnson has paved the way for others to do—which is absolutely owning action films.

Getting a taste of the Hollywood life from roles in movies such as The Man with the Iron Fists and Riddick, the former wrestler gets a major nod in the film, Guardians of the Galaxy, which should help directors and producers see why he has the potential to be huge in the coming years in film and TV.

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4. Dane DeHaan

dane dehann

Unless you’re a diehard fan of the HBO series, In Treatment, you probably haven’t heard much about actor Dane DeHaan. But we have a hunch that that’s about to change.

After snagging a key role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, DeHaan’s is suddenly defining himself as quite the villain in various roles. Knowing the magnitude for which action hero movies seemingly blow-up at the box office, DeHaan has great potential to become a big star before the end of the summer.

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3. Shailene Woodley


OK, so we admit that putting Woodley here might be a bit of a cop-put seeing how she starred next to megastar George Clooney in the critically-acclaimed 2011 movie, The Descendants.

That still doesn’t mean she instantly hit it big, though.

Earning praise from her role as Amy Juergens on the show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Shailene looks to broaden her acting skills into bigger roles, starting with action flick, Divergent.

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2. Britt Robertson


Another young, actress, Britt Robertson also got the now in a Clooney movie—with this year’s Tomorrowland on her slate.

With a supporting role in the sci-fi show, Under the Dome, Robertson has helped separate herself from fellow up-and-comers on the show to take center stage in 2014.

Besides the Clooney project, Britt snagged the lead role in Undiscovered Gyrl, which should just be another chance for her to showcase her talents.

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1. Chris Pratt


Most of us know and love him from his role on Parks and Rec, but when he’s not playing an airheaded, twit, he’s busy getting jacked up and slim for some movie roles that he’s planning this year.

With a role in the widely-anticipated film, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt should finally get lifted into the upper echelon of celeb actors this year—especially when you add in his versatility in both comedic and dramatic roles.

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