50 Foot Dead Parrot in London In Honor of Monty Python

dead parrot

Well, people are saying it is a statue of a dead parrot, but it looks perfectly fine to me. Seems in honor the 50th anniversary of Monty Python and all their irreverent brilliance, that a giant, dead parrot has popped up in London. Potter’s Field, to be exact. Though passer by’s did not seem to understand the significant at first, it became clear to many that this was the rare “Norwegian Blue” which the best Monty Python fans will recognize from one of the show’s most famous and memorable sketches.

The spot where the bird lay is also where they will be holding a huge screening of some of Monty Python’s best moments for the troupe’s fiftieth anniversary. We need to remember, modern sketch comedy would not exist in the forms it does, had not this brave group of insane men got together and did it first. The giant bird took over two months to complete, and we can only pray people were walking around,very confused in that time.

It is hard to believe that Monty Python has existed for half-a-century. From hilarious films to live theater, and even a TV show people still watch to this day, to deny the power of the impact Monty Python had on the world would just be to undersell just how great they were at it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to bring that parrot back to the pet store. Keep in mind, I will walk there in as funny a fashion I would like. That is how the ministry would want it.

[Photo via David Perry/PA]

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