If a Genie Granted Three TV Wishes


I had an odd dream last night, which might be what’s responsible for this post, but whatever, I’m rolling with it.

What if you rubbed your old cable box and a genie came out of it? He says he can grant you three TV related wishes if you so choose. What would you pick?

I have a trio of ideas of my own, and you can read them below. I think I could singlehandedly make TV much better if granted my wishes. See if you agree:

  • Stevem

    1) Right there with you on “Firefly”. While I’m fairly certain FOX is tired of hearing about what a mistake it was to cancel it, such a colossal error in judgment needs to be pointed out again and again, lest they forget. Bring it back already.

    2) Ban commercials from cable TV altogether. If people are paying for a service, they should have the option to avoid distractions.

    3) Ban evening news broadcasts on public television from accepting ad revenue from anyone. News should involve five things: who, what, where, when, and how. Skip the why.

  • Brian

    I agree with all your suggestions. Although, I would add an option to countermand the cancelling of future shows as well. Many shows get the shaft from the networks because they aren’t as profitable as they would like (Last Resort comes to mind). Give us the option to veto a show’s cancellation.

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