Aaron Paul Breaks Speed Record on Top Gear

It’s rare when two of the best shows on TV combine, but that’s exactly what happened recently as Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul went on Top Gear to chat with Jeremy Clarkson. In the shows’ “star in a reasonably priced car” segment, Paul was grilled about Breaking Bad, his new Need for Speed movie and then ran a lap around their famous track to see if he could beat the other stars.

It’s kind of a lot of pressure, given the fact that Paul is starring in Need for Speed, a movie literally about racing the sort of amazing supercars they feature on Top Gear all the time. But never fear, Pinkman, I mean Paul, lived up to his fake reputation by putting up the best time out of ANY of the stars.

It’s a rather cool moment to behold, and I think he’s genuinely shocked he did so well. This video alone is better promotion for the film than any amount of trailers they could have run, and if you’re a fan of either Breaking Bad or Top Gear, I highly suggest you check it out above.

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