ABC Family Changes Target Demographics

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ABC Family recently canned two of its higher level executives in a major shakeup. It is now clear why it targeted them despite their string of successes over the years, both with the network and at previous jobs. It had been especially puzzling to me, as Kate Juergens, their former chief executive, was previously associated with many highly successful shows from multiple decades and had been with the network for an astonishingly long time for a television executive.  Their new executive is Tom Ascheim.

ABC Family, as almost everybody expects, targets a specifically younger and mostly female audience, especially with its original programming (its non-original movies target primarily adults with children). However, they have decided that they want to change their target demographics. Specifically, they want to try attract twenty something women rather than teenagers. While their average audience is in its twenties, their official marketing program has always been targeted towards teenagers, and ABC Family is changing that at the same time as it makes a major change to its internal corporate structure. It remains to be seen if ABC Family is going to be changing the types of shows it is producing (mostly high school dramas and such) to shows that have older protagonists, or if it is simply going to change the type of marketing that it does and where it places its adds. My money would be on the first, judging by the fact that they replaced their chief executive and centralized three of their offices into one.

[Photo via ABC Family]

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