ABC Family Orders Stitches: A Paranormal Crime Procedural

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My favorite new trend in television, as I have said many times before, is all the horror and paranormal shows cropping up everywhere. And before you start thinking the genre is burning itself out, we are only set to get more and more. The next one we have to start looking forward to now is Stitches. ABC Family already ordered a pilot episode of this paranormal crime procedural, and from the premise, it actually sounds pretty interesting.

Stitches is about a young woman who gets hired to “stitch” into the recently deceased’s memories to see if she can figure out the ways they were killed. So she acts as a sort of spirit detective who goes into their memories and tries to piece together, bit by bit, what happened to the person. It is a really cool idea, that seems to blend the paranormal with some mystery elements, and does not sound like a bad idea at all. Deadline Hollywood has more about the interesting premise of Stitches.

Listen, any show that has a woman leaping into the brains of dead people is something I can totally stand behind. It also feels like there is some potential for cool plot lines (you KNOW she is getting trapped inside someone’s memories at some point) and could be well worth the watch. We will keep you posted on Stitches the more we hear.

[Photo via ABC Family]

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  • deen

    but Stichers isnt really paranormal or horror. it really is more like science fiction. The Whispers also by ABC, that’s supernatural thriller. i am hooked. Stitchers is promising too. just not horror, ok? ;)