Why Adam Sandler Will Never Host SNL

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When you think about SNL’s best run, a lot of us look to the nineties. You had so much good talent on there, it is hard to pick a favorite. One of those players was Adam Sandler. A kooky and irreverent guy, who made a lasting impression on the show which led to a (surprisingly) successful career in film. But have you noticed he never came back to host? Odd, right. I mean, even Andy Samberg has hosted already, and he left the show like a year ago. So what is the deal with that?

Seems Adam Sandler was on his buddy Norm McDonald’s podcast this last week and gave his (kind of depressing) reason why he will never host SNL. He basically points out that he is not actually that funny, and had no characters on SNL than anyone really cared about. I would argue that and say his Opera Man character was pretty hilarious, but I also can understand where he is coming from. I mean, name me five characters on SNL Sandler played? See, that was not his shtick. Believe it or not, he was usually playing the straight guy to the comedians in most sketches he was in, and seems to know that.

But don’t cry for him. The guy has a career making millions, and seems to be doing just fine without SNL. It is still kind of funny to hear him point out that even HE recognizes that he wasn’t exactly breaking new ground on that show while he was on it. You gotta at least respect that honesty.

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