Alec Baldwin May Return To TV In What Sounds Like Greatest Role Ever

alec baldwin

It could be said that Alec Baldwin is a bit of a loose canon. You never quite know what he will say or do. But on the other side of that, the man is a powerhouse of ac actor who can go from loathsome to funny in about a second flat. So while his antics off-screen may be upsetting to many, we just pay attention to the Alec Baldwin that is on TV (or film). You don’t need to be friends with an  actor to appreciate what they do. Good news for fans of Baldwin, as he may be eyeing a project that would fit him like a glove.

In this show that Alec Baldwin is creating, slowly but surely in between his other gigs, he will be playing a Rob Ford style mayor. Do we even need to say anything else. You see, Rob Ford and Alec Baldwin both seem to fire off on the same “say whatever it is you are thinking no matter where you are and who is around” mind state, and it gets both of them in quite a bit of trouble. So it should be curious to see what Alec Baldwin can inject into it to make it his own. What is also great is in Baldwin’s version, this guy runs NYC.

That is all we have for now, but we will keep you posted on anything revelations about this awesome sounding idea.

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