The It’s Always Sunny Gang Have A Self Help Book Coming Out

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Sometimes we look to TV for a little guidance. Maybe we watch a romantic show to give us some ideas about that area of our lives. Or maybe we watch a teen drama to try to understand kids better. What we probably don’t do is turn to the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for self-help. Well, too bad, because they have a self help book coming out, and they want it to help you learn how to learn how to change your own life (in four hours!).

First off, you do need this, so pre order it today. Second, we haven’t even told you the name of the book yet. Once you hear the name, you will realize, this book will change your life, even if you don’t want it to. It is called, officially, The Seven Secrets of Awakening the Four Hour Giant, Today. Only the truest fans of the show will fully understand that title, which is fine because that is the audience they also want reading the book.

For those blissfully unaware of the irony in this, what makes this so awesome is the gang from It’s Always Sunny are the last five people you would want to take any life advice from at all. In that sense, we could genuinely be looking at the best worst self help book ever written. Based on that alone, only a fool would pass up on a chance to learn how to make kitten mittens, which better be in this book!

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