Amazon Premieres Five New Pilots, Watch Them All Right Now

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Amazon is continuing its campaign into original programming with its third pilot season today. The company has provided five new original pilots, featuring familiar faces like Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy), Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), T.R. Knight (Grey’s Anatomy)and Adam Brody (The O.C.), that Amazon customers can watch and vote on to see whether these pilots are green-lighted to become series.

In order to watch any of the new five pilots, visit or use the Amazon Instant Video app on your iPad, Kindle Fire tablet, or numerous other devices. Below are descriptions for all five pilots, provided for you by TVLine, and a trailer showcasing each potential new series.


This comedy promises an honest look at the complex-ities of marriage and the charged dynamics of a tight-knit group of friends in suburban Chicago. The cast includes series creator Jay Chandrasekhar (of Broken Lizard), Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions), Travis Schuldt (Scrubs), Hayes MacArthur (Go On), Collette Wolfe (Cougar Town), Luka Jones (Up All Night), Lindsay Sloane (Weeds) and Rob Delaney (Burning Love).

Hand of God

This drama centers on Pernell Harris (Perlman), a law-bending judge who embarks on a vigilante quest to find the rapist who tore his family apart, relying on “messages” he believes are being sent by God through his ventilator-bound son. The cast also includes Dana Delany, Garret Dillahunt (Raising Hope), Andre Royo (The Wire) and Alona Tal (Veronica Mars).

The Cosmopolitans

Written, directed and produced by Whit Stillman (Metropolitan) and filmed on location, this romantic comedy follows a group of young American expatriates in contemporary Paris searching for love and friendship. The cast includes Adam Brody (The O.C.) and Chloë Sevigny (Big Love).


Members of a girls’ competitive dance team are stricken with a strange, psycho-physiological illness that begins spreading in the community through technology. Mena Suvari plays the neurologist who returns to her hometown of Austin, Texas, to investigate the cause — ultimately suspecting that it might be linked to her tragic past. Penned by Shaun Cassidy (Invasion), the pilot’s cast includes James McDaniel (Orange Is The New Black), Josh Stewart (The Dark Knight Rises), Adan Canto (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Laura San Giacomo (Saving Grace) and T.R. Knight (Grey’s Anatomy).

Red Oaks

Produced by Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh (Cinemax’s The Knick), this coming-of-age comedy stars Craig Roberts (Submarine) as an assistant tennis pro at a country club in circa 1985 New Jersey. The cast includes Paul Reiser (Mad About You), Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing), Richard Kind (Spin City), Oliver Cooper (Californication), Gage Golightly and Ennis Esmer.

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