Amazon Unveils FireTV, Which Will Change Television Yet Again


Amazon has just unveiled their set-top box today, called Fire TV. It’s on sale for $99 as we speak, and once again, looks to shake up tradition TV viewing. The tiny box and remote is the ultimate in streaming boxes, meant to compete with the likes of AppleTV and Roku. It’s a portal to stream anything and everything from Netflix to video games.

The device is said to be three times faster than any of its competitors, which are often praised as functional but slow, and is said to run apps on an Android based system lightning fast. I will leave it to TechCrunch to give you a full rundown of the features and specs, but it’s something I can easily see catching on very quickly, and causing its competition to have to step their game up.

The desirability of a streaming box that eliminates half the reason for cable and some of the functionality of a $400-$500 video game console is quite high, given how much content is available to be streamed now. This is a stepped-up version of Google’s Chromecast, and more and more channels/services are going to start streaming content, so it seems like a worthwhile investment.

What do you make of FireTV so far?

[Photo via Amazon]

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