AMC Working on Area-51 Show



AMC has pretty much certified itself as a stellar network over the last half decade. Spitting out shows that are as good of some of HBO’s highest rated fare, but the truth is, they are still just getting started. We are still in the earliest stages of the network (if you look at it comparatively to NBC and the other giants who have been around for 70 years) and with news like this, I think the network is only bound to do better and better. What am I talking about? A new show based around the Area-51 book by Annie Jacobson.

The book examines the rumors and secrets of Area-51. A place long rumored to be an American base for alien research. The kicker is, the book is not fiction. Annie Jacobson actually interviewed 19 people who work and have worked at the facility. It is quite eye-opening, and I mean that as a compliment. AMC has actually snatched up the rights to adapt the book, and have been supposedly working feverishly to bring it to life. Think about it, if they put half the effort into this that they put into Walking Dead, this show could be an absolute phenomenon. They brought on Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd, so it looks like they are definitely heading in the right direction with this one.

All other details on the show are pretty mum right now, but you can bet we will be all over this new AMC Area-51 show the same way the men in black were all over the Roswell crash site. Sorry, had to stretch a bit for that one.

[Photo via Patrick Aventurier/Stringer]

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