What Are America’s Most Trusted News Sources?

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So the question isn’t if you get your news, but where you get it?

With so many outlets providing up-to-the-minute updates on everything that’s going on in the world, can you distinguish the best, most-reliable sources?

Sure, we admit that our go-to is typically just Twitter or Facebook, but those happen to pop-up after coming from a legit network.

After seeing a poll of where Americans prefer to get their news from, you might be surprised as to who tops the list—which we’ll be giving you here. These are our most trust news sources

5. Comedy Central

It’s probably not surprising to see Comedy Central as the lowest channel to have been mentioned as being trusted with their news—after all, it does have the word “comedy” in its network title.

Still, a poll of college students some 10 years ago did admit that they received the news from satirical shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, which should either be expected or terrifying given that those kids are the future of our country?

Either way, at 29 percent trusted, Comedy Central isn’t really something anyone should take too seriously.

4. CNN

This one was actually a tough pill to swallow—seeing how we personally take notice of what CNN typically reports.

With an even 40/40 split on those who do and don’t trust the network’s coverage, it’s about as even as you can get—with an additional 21 percent saying they “weren’t sure,” on their opinion.

Even more surprising, though, CNN actually fell a few percentage points above the previously mentioned Comedy Central when it came to trustiness.

That has to hurt a bit.

3. NBC

Just as we saw with CNN, NBC was dead even when viewers were asked on how much they trusted the network, coming in at 39/39, with 22 percent of people undecided.

And although the network can hang its hat on the fact that when voters were asked directly about who they trusted, NBC equaled PBS with about 2 percent of the vote. Unfortunately, they also only received 3 percent of the vote from people asked the exact same question.

2. Fox News

In a somewhat surprising result, Fox News was actually the second-highest trusted network on TV, bringing in 44 percent of people’s votes.

Than again, it also happened to land as the second-highest amongst those who said they didn’t trust them, too, gathering 42 percent of people, so it’s pretty much hit-or-miss when it comes to those who decide to watch it and those who choose another network.

Unsurprisingly, Republicans led the charge for Fox, with 75 percent saying they trusted the somewhat biased network of those who favor the color red.

1. PBS

Although most people just associate B-level documentaries or Grandma shows with this network, believe it or not, PBS fell as the most-trusted of all in the U.S.

With a whopping 57 percent of Americans saying that they trust them over anyone else, maybe it’s time that we all start tuning-in and not getting caught up with all the flare and hype of some of these other channels—because it seems they’re doing something right.

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