Amy Poehler To Release (Undoubtedly Hilarious) Memoir

amy poehler

Amy Poehler has made quite a name for herself over the years. At first, as a member of the UCB (you either know what that is or you don’t). Then, as a key cast member of SNL during their female cast boom of the late nineties. Finally, she went to Parks and Rec and just earned the name she made for herself. While, if you are as much a fan of her as we are, you must be stoked about the announcement of her new book, Yes Please.

The book is set to be a memoir, among many other things. She plans on telling funny stories, giving advice, and sharing some of her own horror stories from her life and career. The book aims to be much like her: all over the place and riotously funny.  There seems to be a realness to Amy Poehler. She is just as home making herself shine in a joke as making herself the butt of her jokes, so it will be a great deal of fun to see how that plays out in this, her first book. If she is anything like her friend and fellow funny lady, Tina Fey, she will probably land on the bestsellers list. Call that an early prediction.

The book is set to drop on October 28th of this year. So basically, this is gonna make for some awesome autumnal reading in between watching all the new shows that come out around that time. Yes Please is a great name for her book, because that is how I reacted when I first heard this was happening.

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