Anchorman in Outer Space: NBC Wants Space Show from Will Ferrell

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Get ready to have your mind blown. NBC wants a space show from Will Ferrell and the guy who plays Cricket on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The actual show was pitched as “Anchorman as an astronaut.” I kid you not. This is actually something that is happening. A space show from Will Ferrell? Can your mind even wrap around just how unbelievably awesome that is? It’s okay if it can’t. Ours is having trouble with it right now, too. It is like trying to fathom the size of space itself.

As stated by Entertainment Weekly, the title of the show is Mission Control, and the entirety of the show will take place in 1962. If it sounds high concept, that is because it was initially a movie pitch, but worked its way back down to TV. Will Ferrell and his production partner, Adam McKay would be the executive producers, and the showrunner would be David Hornsby.

The actual plot of the show greatly mirrors that of Anchorman. It will be about a woman getting into some funny conflicts with an alpha male as they both try and race to the moon. So again, think Anchorman, but instead of being at a television studio, they will be involved in the space race. Honestly sounds like there could be many moments ripe for hilarity.

Since the show is so early in its development right now, this is all we got. Will fill you in on more details as they emerge.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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