Why Ancient Aliens Might Be The Funniest Show on TV


For the first season or so, the History Channel show Ancient Aliens was awesome. It showed and taught a lot of non-believers some interesting things about the un-explainable history of our world, and some of the stranger locations around the world that some think are alien in origin. It was a fun and interesting ride. But then something happened. The show (which should have a Cosmos style mini-series) just kept going. At first the show was like: These two dozen, two hundred thousand pound stones were moved into a certain shape by God knows what, long before we had the means to do it. Their conclusion to all of this was aliens. Fine. That worked for us a few times. Now, many seasons deep, and the show is clearly grasping at straws.

Mention the Nazca Lines to anyone who knows anything about geography, and they will tell you something odd went on there, no doubt. This is the stuff that worked, and what they focused on first season or two. Now it is like: This girl named Wendy with three teeth who lives in a dumpster behind Wendy’s claims she lost three hours once when she was twelve. What happened in those three hours? Aliens. Seriously, it is like that now. Like they know they have run out of all their profound material, and now aliens are the excuse for everything. It has gone beyond sad and just become comical. Oh, and don’t even get us started on this guy.

I understand the show gets ratings, so why stop? The problem now is they undermine everything in those first few good seasons by blaming aliens for everything. It is not even like they bring in people to discuss how it could be aliens, or how science could explain it away. Nope, just the guy with the big hair blaming aliens for everything. It stopped being good and is now just funny. The best part is, this is being written by someone who has seen U.F.O’s before, and even I am calling this show hilarious. They should have stopped while they were ahead (and still had some credibility).

So remember, the next time you get up late for work, or you find out you got a flat tire. Aliens. Trust me, the history Channel wouldn’t lie.

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