Arrow’s New Big Bad Is Going to Be Ra’s al Ghul

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The CW’s Arrow got fans really excited with its Comic-Con panel on Friday, where it debuted the first trailer for the show’s much anticipated third season. However, it wasn’t until Saturday night, at Warner Bros. TV’s San Diego Comic-Con/”Night of DC Entertainment” party, that the Arrow team released its biggest news. The new Big Bad for season three of The CW superhero drama will be the much teased Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of the League of Assassins.

The news was revealed through an extended version of Arrow‘s season three trailer. The trailer shown at the “Night of DC Entertainment” party featured an addition 45 seconds of footage that did not show al Ghul’s face (the actor playing al Ghul has, I assume, not been cast yet) but did show a mysterious figure, as numerous different characters from Arrow talked about al Ghul in voiceover.

While it will be fantastic to see how Ra’s al Ghul and Oliver clash over the course of this season, al Ghul’s appearance on Arrow also means that dire consequences possibly await Malcolm Merlyn, who has a troubled past with al Ghul, and even Sara, who we last saw rejoining the League of Assassins after they helped save Starling City from Slade in the season two finale. A character this big, who impacts so many characters so tremendously, should be an excellent new villain for Arrow as it heads into season three, a villain that may even outdo the amazing insanity that was Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson from last season.

Those who are fans of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy (and come on, aren’t we all fans of those movies?) will remember that Liam Neeson played the role of Ra’s al Ghul in that film series. It will be interesting to see who Arrow casts as the TV incarnation of al Ghul. Whenever that is announced, we will be sure to share that news with you.

Check out the new, extended season three trailer below to get your first “look” at Ra’s al Ghul and the third season of Arrow as a whole.

Photo via The CW

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