The Arsenio Hall Show Gets Canceled

arsenio hall

If you read the last article I published here just a few moments ago, you will see that is points out the top late night talk show hosts. Guess who wasn’t on that? Well, does it seem a coincidence that after that poll was released, we get news that the Arsenio Hall show is being cancelled? I think not. Unfortunately, ratings talk now a days. Sadly, Arsenio Hall was just not pulling the ratings down he needed to say on the air.

The reality after one year is that the Arsenio Hall show was just not bringing in the numbers (and guests) that CBS Television Distribution had hoped for. This is not to say he didn’t have some great guests and some great guest interviews. He just could not reproduce the fame had in the nineties, and that was the goal in bringing him back.

The problem now is, THIS is how Arsenio Hall will be remembered, as oppose to the great talk show he had in the nineties. The world needs to try to stop recreating magical moments in time. Arsenio Hall worked so well in the nineties because it was the nineties. Times change, and with it, so do the tastes of the masses.

We wish Arsenio Hall future success, but will always remember him as the talk show host who got Bill Clinton to come on and play the sax. That was bomb.  Everything after that? Eh.

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