Attempting to Understand Universal’s New Battlestar Galactica Movie


It’s just been revealed after months of rumors that yes, Universal is going forward with a new Battlestar Galactica movie. The series, which wrapped just five years ago, was a remake of another series decades earlier, but managed to become one of the most iconic science fiction shows of all time (if not one of the best dramas period). Now, it’s being turned into a feature film, just a few years after it wrapped? Odd, to say the least.

The movie is pitched as a “complete reimainging” of the story, so that could mean literally anything. We presume there will still be humans and Cylons, but in what capacity is unknown. Will the film allow for human-like Cylons like in the remake, or will it leave them as hulking metal Terminator-esque monstrosities? Will they be heading to Earth? Fighting on Caprica? Who knows.

While I agree that the recent Battlestar series may have dragged a bit and lost its way in later seasons, it’s hard to imagine the entire concept being condensed down to a two hour film. Maybe if it was a planned trilogy or something I could see it working, but what could they possibly get done in two hours? All I’m picturing is one giant CGI space battle.

It’s really strange how restrictive film is starting to feel for some stories now. A miniseries or TV show is proving to be the best way to tell longform stories, and that’s exactly what Battlestar Galactica is. I’m worried that whatever they chop and edit will turn it into little more than a mindless blockbuster.

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