Aubrey Plaza Has a Rather Scary Zombie Apocalypse Plan

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an interview with Aubrey Plaza where she could be classified as “normal,” but I suppose that’s just part of her charm. She pretty much is April from Parks and Recreation in real life, and I’ve seen movies where she actually pretends to be more normal than she is in real life.

Case in point would be this interview with Conan, where she talks about her zombie apocalypse plan. Everyone jokes about this sort of thing, but I sooooort of think she’s serious when she says she sleeps with a dagger under her pillow. She practices stabbing whoever tries to attack her.

“Where I’m asleep and I imagine like a zombie or a murderer or whoever is coming to get me … And then I like have a move where I quickly slide it under the blanket and I shank up. Whoever is hovering over me about to kill me,” she explains.

She also said she tries to be around people who would have valuable skills at the end of the world, which is why she gave her boyfriend flying  lessons for his birthday even though he had no desire to learn. That’s kind of funny. Watch the video for yourself above.

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