Battle Creek: New Vince Gilligan Show Lands Its Lead

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How do you do it? How do you follow up Breaking Bad? One of the most beloved and highly acclaimed shows of all time? We cannot help but wonder, yet the more we hear about the new Vince Gilligan show, Battle Creek, the more and more intrigued me get. Honestly, anything Gilligan does now will have the eyes of all the world on it, and they will be measuring it up against Breaking Bad (sorry, it is just how we work as humans) and that might be a really high bar to meet. Well, more details have emerged about Battle Creek. Namely, who they got as their lead.

Had you told me Josh Duhamel a few years ago, I would not have gotten excited. I liked him on Vegas, but he never done anything to really floor me. Being married to one of the Black Eyed Peas didn’t help. But then I saw a movie called Scenic Route last year and loved it. That shifted my view on him, especially since he helped get it made. So to now hear that Josh Duhamel got the lead in Battle Creek actually has me real excited. We are talking about a potential Walter White level of break through for the actor, and I can tell you, he is fully capable.

The question is, can Battle Creek live up the hype of the show creator’s former show, or it is just bound to fail being based on those merits? I guess the truth is, we just have to wait and see. I can tell you this, I will be tuning in for sure. More details about this show over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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