Beauty and the Beast Off to a Rocky Start Along with other CW Shows


It wasn’t the greatest Monday night for the CW.   While the gorgeous Kristin Kreuk debuted last year’s Beauty and the Beast to some decent ratings, the show declined 64% compared to last year’s debut according to Entertainment Weekly.   Hart of Dixie also showed a decline.  What’s even more interesting to note is that all networks were down last night.   The only show that barely showed a decline was the NBC new drama The Blacklist.   Looks like when James Spader stars in something, it seems to do well.  Does anyone else miss his character from The Office?  I kind of do.

Also, while Sleepy Hollow seems to have this awesome following, even they dropped a solid 10%.    The only gainer of the entire evening was Dancing with the Stars and that may very well have had to do with the elimination of Valerie Harper.  She’s been an inspiration to anyone watching the show.

Also, Monday is the night for Football so that could have detracted some viewers from paying attention to their shows.  Either that or it was just an off night.  Still though, Kristen Kreuk better step up her game or another CW show will bite the dust.

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