The Best Child Actors on TV

14th Annual AFI Awards - Red Carpet

With the plethora of great TV shows on air today, it’s mostly the adult leads, the Claire Danes, Bryan Cranstons, and John Hamms, that receive all the praise. However, thanks to this new golden age of television, we have also been lucky enough to be treated to some fantastic performances from child actors. Here are my picks for the best child actors on TV right now.

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  • ColinJ

    Absolutely. Maisie Williams is extraordinary in the show.

    In fact, all of the kids (young Issac Hempstead Wright included) are the secret weapon of that show. They’re subtle in a way that child actors never are.

    Just imagine trying to watch GAME OF THRONES if they had cast precocious Hollywood brats in those roles. It would be insufferable.