The Best Moments From the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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Whether you’re still a teenager or a near 30-year-old like myself, there’s one awards show that we can all agree on—the MTV Movie Awards.

Bringing together the best from the past year in film, the Awards were held on Sunday night and hosted by Conan O’Brien, giving us some memorable moments once again.

And what were our favorite? Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

5. Conan’s Acceptance Speech Pic

While Ellen DeGeneres’ literally broke Twitter following her insanely popular selfie with A-list celebs during this year’s Oscars, O’Brien took things a little more sophomoric, telling the audience and warning winners that they need to be cautious of time.

What happened if they ran over?

Rather than having music bump them off-stage, a pic that was south of the border would reveal itself on the teleprompter—which, to my knowledge, is the first time that has ever been done.

4. Seth Rogen’s Kiss

Before introducing the “Best Kiss” nominees, actors Seth Rogen, Dave Franco and Zac Efron revealed their intentions for a few lucky audience members who, upon finding a golden ticket under their chairs, would win a kiss from the stars.

While Franco and Efron landed some smokin’ hot, pre-planned models, Rogen got a lady who was hyped up as his mom.

You can probably imagine what happened next, as the comedic actor not only locked lips with the lady, but basically stuck his tongue down her throat.

It was gross, but pretty funny, too.

3. 50 Celeb Cameos

Want to know just how big Conan O’Brien is and how massive of a company MTV is? Look no further then the opening segment of the show, where O’Brien spoofed a fake production meeting with MTV execs, promising them 50 celeb cameos to begin the show with a boom.

Landing stars like Russell Crowe, Taylor Swift, Anthony Hopkins and more, O’Brien brought an unprecedented amount of star power to the show within the first five minutes.

2. Mark Wahlberg’s Speech

Sure, it was laced with a ton F-bombs, but that’s just one reason why Wahlberg’s speech was so good and honest.

The other was when he joked about the award itself, listing a number of other recipients of the “Generation” Award and what it really means—that the celeb honored is just old.

Wahlberg’s a tough dude from Boston and one of the most honest actors around, so it was good seeing him stick to his roots and not take the popcorn statue too seriously.

1. Eminem and Rihanna Perform

While the night was dedicated to the movie business, it was actually one of the performances that stole the show—at least, in my opinion.

Whenever rapper Eminem and hip hop darling Rihanna take the stage together, it’s magical, with the two playing off of each other’s energy and blending outrageous talent together to entertain viewers.

Playing their smash hit “Monster,” the duo had everyone in the audience buzzing and creating more anticipation for their mini-tour hitting a few cities this summer.

[Photo via Frederick M. Brown / Stringer]

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