The Best New Characters on TV this Season


Although it’s great to watch TV shows over a long period of time which develop characters and let viewers get to know some of them on a more intimate level, we’ve seen an influx of characters in new shows this season that have gotten our attention.

And since we know that you watch TV as much as we do, we’re narrowing down some of our favorite new characters so far in this TV season—so we hope you agree with some of the choices.

5. Harold Levinson – Downtown Abbey

We’re still not sure if he’s lovable or someone that we should despise?

While he has proven to be a complete jerk he somehow still displays a heart of gold, actor Paul Giamatti as Harold Levinson shows to get to know a guy before jumping to conclusions—because he seems like a big softy underneath his tough exterior.

And as the brother of Cora Crawley, it’s interesting to see how things might just turn out between them.

4. Lincoln – Broad City

One of the funnier news shows on TV, Broad City might be targeted towards a female audience, but we have a feeling guys catch themselves watching it, too.

One reason is the presence of Lincoln—played by actor Hannibal Buress—who is the funny dentist that everyone always wants to get, but kind of regrets once they actually do.

Seeing how his laid-back personality blends perfectly with his pseudo girlfriend Ilana’s, and these two kill it while on-screen together.

3. Forrest MacNeil – Review

When Comedy Central puts out a new show, it’s usually heavily reliant on its main character to carry the thing—and that’s the case with Review.

Forrest MacNeil rates some of the most random things on earth highly, with an approach and delivery that’s unmatched by many comedians.

He does it right by doing his research on the stuff, and then gives us laughs once he knows his stuff.

2. Captain Flint – Black Sails

One of the most ruthless characters of the new season, Captain Flint is one of the most believable pirates we’ve ever seen.

Holding down the role of main character, Flint displays all the characteristics of a clever, yet deceitful, captain, making us enjoy seeing how he puts those skills on display to get what he wants.

He’s a jerk, but we can’t help but appreciate him.

1. Rust Cohle – True Detective

The True Detective season might be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t salute Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey’s performance as Rust Cohle in the intriguing first season.

Displaying a penchant for having quite the mouth and ridiculous philosophy on things, Cohle might have been tough to work with, but he proved to be really darn good at his job—and was a bit inspiring in his approach to how he got things done.

[Photo via Lacey Terrell/HBO]

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