The Best New Shows of 2013 to Binge-Watch in the New Year

Jen December 31, 2013 2


All in all, I’d say 2013 was a great year for television.  For every series we said goodbye to (Breaking Bad, The Office, 30 Rock, Happy Endings, Bunheads), we also got to witness the emergence of some incredible new shows. 

Here’s a list of recommendations of the best new shows of 2013 to catch up on over your winter break.  Most of them only have 10 episodes, so you can easily binge one (or all) in a matter of days.

1. Sleepy Hollow - I wasn’t expecting much from this pilot, but I am glad I gave it a chance as it has become one of my new favorite shows. It puts a nice spin on the usual supernatural dramas by having Ichabod Crane (an 18th century Colonial American soldier) as the main character.  Catch up on the first 10 episodes before the last 3 episodes of the season return on January 13th.

2. Reign - This is the most underrated of all the new CW shows this fall.  I myself just caught up on a few episodes I missed because of its unfortunate time slot on Thursdays, but I will be making this a must-watch when it returns on January 23rd!  A period piece set in 15th Century France following the teenage years of Mary, Queen of Scotland may not necessarily sound like must-see TV, but trust me.  It’s got everything you would expect from The CW, including a love triangle and even a hint of supernatural mystery.

3. The Originals - in case you’ve missed all my reviews, this Vampire Diaries spin-off has found a voice of its own.  You don’t even need to have watched any of The Vampire Diaries to be drawn into this world of witchcraft and vampirism that dominates New Orleans.  Sure, it has its fair share of romance but not to the same extent that CW shows normally have.  Above all else, family is the most important theme throughout this show.  The second half of the first season returns on January 14th at 8 on the CW.

4. The Fosters - A perfect pairing with ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, The Fosters premiered over the summer.  It follows a modern family made up of two mothers, one biological son, two adopted twins, and two fostered children.  I would even compare a lot of it to the first season of The OC, in the sense that the fostered teen Callie is taken into this family unlike one she’s ever had before.  The first season returns on January 13th at 9 on ABC Family.

5. Orphan Black - If you still haven’t watched the first season of Orphan Black, you have plenty of time and no excuses not to watch it all before the second season premieres on BBC America in April!  This thrilling science fiction drama has all the elements in place to make it one of the most original series we have seen in years.  You may have heard the uproars on the internet when Tatiana Maslany wasn’t nominated for an Emmy this past September, but here’s to hoping she gets her due credit at all the award shows in 2014.

Pick one, pick all.  Either way, come back and let us know what you think!

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  • Paul Hanlin Jr.

    Continuum>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Orphan Black.

  • Charmaine Be

    Along with Defiance right up until the writers killed the best character