The Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

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While most of us actually watch the Super Bowl because of the game itself, there’s no denying that the famous commercials are worth tuning in for as well.

And while it’s a nice little part about the big game, it’s not necessarily why we particularly tune-in.

That’s not to say we don’t take notice of the ones we like best, which is why we’re giving you the best Super Bowl commercials of all time.

Who cares who won the game, because these stood out even more than the big plays on the field.

5. American Express (1989)

This one is about as well-produced as a home movie or the Snapchat you just sent to your buddy, but that doesn’t take away from its overall purpose—it stuck in our minds.

Does anyone else find it amazing that the ad features to B-level actors who may not even get recognized by today’s youth—Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey—broing out as if it were their job?

Yeah, it’s pretty incredible.

4. Tabasco (1998)

For anyone who might be thinking about spicing up that slice of pizza or chicken in front of you, the good people over a Tabasco is quick to remind you to think twice before doing so—because their stuff can be pretty hot.

Or at least that’s the perceived notion after seeing this poor mosquito consume a little bit before exploding like a balloon popping.

Whether it added to sales or not, the ad was great.

3. Coca-Cola (1996)

Such a funny concept that most people can relate to, it reminds us that just because you work for a certain company, your taste buds might not particularly love how it feels going down.

This Coke guy may have thought that he was just quietly being sneaky and grabbing himself a Pepsi to drink with no harm done. But he forgot that the surveillance camera wasn’t installed for just catching criminals—unless you believe that he should be punished for choosing the enemy?

This one’s totally a classic.

2. McDonald’s (1996)

It was so simple, yet super effective.

Having a baby swing back and forth flashing a smile each time it saw the golden arches and then frowning when it fell out of sight, McDonald’s did a great job of capturing viewers’ attention early on in this ad—which adds to the intrigue.

With no words spoken, it shows that companies don’t need to be loud and annoying to be successful.

1. Budweiser (1995)

While there were a few other gems that could easily have grabbed the top spot on this list, we went with the croaky little frogs that Budweiser introduced us all to back during 1995’s game.

Budweiser is always a major player during the Super Bowl, giving us memorable campaigns such as the clydesdale horses, but this one with the frogs became just so legendary that we had to honor it once more by placing it No. 1 on this list.

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  • therantguy

    #3 is a Pepsi ad…not a Coke ad. 3. Coca-Cola (1996)

  • billyhollis

    If you don’t have one from the e-Trade baby, the list is incomplete. That’s the funniest series of commercials ever made.