The Best TV Box Sets to Give This Year

Nick Dimengo December 18, 2013 2


Assuming you haven’t even started your holiday shopping yet, we’re going to be extra nice and give you a few suggestions on some last-minute gift ideas for the TV lover in your family. While watching shows on Netflix or Hulu seems to be the rage these days, there’s nothing like owning a DVD box set of your favorite TV show to watch any and all episodes, anytime that you want to.

So here are the best ones to scope off the shelves this year.

[Photo via Frank Ockenfels/AMC]

6. Game of Thrones, Season 3

We never watched this show, but seeing how every single one of our friends acted by updating their Twitter and Facebook feeds during each episode, we seemed to have been missing out. With an abundance of characters like witches, dragons and zombies alike, Game of Thrones is perfect for any of the sci-fi lovers in your family.

5. Breaking Bad, Season 6 (5.5)

For all those B-squared fans out there, we understand if you pout that your favorite show actually isn’t higher on this list. Arguably the television event of the year, Breaking Bad thrust itself into the upper echelon of TV shows by becoming the most talked about—both amongst friends and on social media. Make sure you’re all caught-up on seasons 1-5 before popping on one of the final seasons’ episodes.

4. Arrested Development, Season 4

There’s a reason so many Arrested Development fans waited, begged and pleaded to try and get this comedy back on-air—because it’s pretty damn hilarious. Shelved for seven years, the new installment of the show doesn’t disappoint, so make sure that if someone you really care about likens to Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), than they’ll have nothing but love for you if opening up this on Christmas.

3. House of Cards, Season 1

Much like our admission for never watching Game of Thrones, we can’t actually say we’ve ever found ourselves catching an episode of the political drama, House of Cards. But from what we’ve read and heard online and from friends, actor Kevin Spacey—who plays conniving Congressman Frank Underwood—absolutely steals the show, putting on one of his best performances that would convince you he was a ruthless politician and not an Academy Award winner. That right there might be enough to add it to your Wish List.

2. Boardwalk Empire, Season 4

This is absolutely one of our favorite shows. We mean, who the heck doesn’t like a period in time when gangster ruled the streets, during a time where prohibition and society were trying to limit illegal, underground activity?  Playing on a simple historical plot seems easy—since the script is already written—but Steve Buscemi’s role as the villainous Mayor Nucky Thomson is one that will have you believe that he was actually responsible for making bootlegging illegal.

1. The Walking Dead, Season 3

Everyone these days seems to love talking about some zombie apocalypse that they’re all waiting for, wondering what it would be like if one actually happened. Well this TV show squashes all the theories and plays it out every Sunday night for viewers to watch—and a hell of them do. One of the most successful shows of the past few years—it debuted in 2010—hand someone this DVD box set and watch them disappear for the next few days watching everything the disc has to offer from beginning to end.


  • mwarren

    Yeah……Game of Thrones Season 3 doesn’t come out until February. Boardwalk Empire Season 4 just finished and won’t be on dvd for another year and Arrested Development Season 4 doesn’t have a date or has even been announced as coming to DVD. I suggest some fact checks.

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