The Best Ways to Follow the Winter Olympics


While writing a piece the other day for another website I contribute to, I came across some seriously cool technology that the Winter Olympics will see.

And while some of the things have to do with athlete performance, there were a few on there that will help fans get in better touch to follow all of the action from Sochi.

So while you may not be a skier or figure skater yourself, you can now keep up with it as if you were there—which is why we’re giving you the five best ways to do so.

5. Xfinity’s ‘X1’ Service

While this is likely going to be the most popular of all the various ways people can watch the Games, it’s something that will have to be paid for thanks to it being a specialized cable package.

Still, if the Winter Olympics are your thing, Xfinitiy’s ‘X1’ service will be your thing, with fans being able to enjoy every single event on each of their mobile devices.

So while there might be a time change, you can watch everything live so not to be forced into settling for just highlights or delays—just remember to catch up on your sleep another time.

4. Slingbox HD

Although it’s going to cost you a pretty penny—about $240 to be exact—should you not have a TV around, you can stream live Olympics events legally to your tablet or PC with a Slingbox.

Made for people who don’t want to fuss with a cable bill each month but still want to watch the tube, Slingbox might be a good reason to cancel the numerous channels you have and invest in something that will pay itself off over time—but the Olympics might just be the first step in doing that.

3. Samsung’s ‘WOW’ App

As mentioned in my piece I reference in my opener, this Samsung app is something that every fan should have on their phone if they don’t want to miss a single thing from Sochi.


With customizable capabilities, viewers can actually personalize what they want to see, and how much they want to see it.

This includes game updates, trivia and highlight all at the touch of your fingertips—talk about all-access coverage.

2. Sochi 2014 App

You may not be able to watch the events you want to live, but don’t get me wrong; this app is pretty interactive.

With information about when events start, trivia and photos to view, the Sochi 2014 app helps bring the Games to life by putting an enormous amount of media on your iPhone or iPad, making it a complete dump of coverage to view.


For our money—OK, not really since it’s free—there isn’t a better platform than our computer to get Olympic action.

Yes, even more than sitting on our couch cuddled up in sweats, heading to will have every single thing that a sports fan could ask for from the Games.

With exclusive rights to all media coverage, NBC will be able to deliver those behind-the-scene features that no other sites can, so you’d be best served to bookmark this site for the entire 18 days of the event.

[Photo via Joe Scarnici/Stringer]

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