Bill Cosby Is Returning To TV

Remy Carreiro January 22, 2014 0


My favorite memories of my family growing up are when we were all sitting around, watching The Cosby Show. I don’t know why. There was just something magical about that show and how it brought families together. Well, some great news for fans of that classic show and the brilliant man who made it all possible. Bill Cosby is returning to TV in a role and concept that may sound  a little familiar to all of us who grew up on him.

Hollywood Deadline broke the story, but we skimmed all the fat.  First off, The Cosby Show was on NBC way back then, and his new show will be on NBC as well. In the show, Cosby will play the patriarch of a big family, and offer all his insights on family, love, and life. Just like The Cosby Show. It will be a situation comedy, and Cosby is working on it with Tom Werner, who he helped create the Cosby Show with. So, in essence, it very much sounds like we are getting an updated version of The Cosby Show. Yet no one will come straight out and say it.

Hey, as long as Bill Cosby is returning to TV, I am happy. And you should be, too.

[Photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty]