Bill Murray As Peter Pan is The Best Thing You Will See All Day

Not sure if you know this, but there is going to be a Peter Pan live show on TV. It is the follow up to the insane Sound of Music special they ran live in November. Well, guess what? Bill Murray wants to play Peter Pan for the special. Well, he may not actually want to. He may just be messing with us all here, Bill Murray style. But if we are to take him at his word from his recent David Letterman visit, he seems pretty darn serious about the role. Honestly, Bill Murray as Peter Pan is easily the best thing you will see today. We just made your Monday better.

So as stated, Murray went on Letterman to plea his case as to why he should be considered for the Peter Pan role. To say he seemed to be getting into character would be us underselling it. It was, for all intents and purposes, Bill Murray as Peter Pan.

Tell me, right now, who else could pull of an entrance like that? That, my friends, was pure TV magic.

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