Bill Murray’s Bucket List: Letterman and Gaga

bill murray

So what do you think would be on Bill Murray’s bucket list? I feel like the actor and over all awesome guy has pretty much done everything a person could do. He is the king of cool, and seems like an extremely nice guy when it comes to talking and hanging out with fans. So really, what do you think is on Bill Murray’s bucket list? Well, we can tell you because the star stopped by Letterman last night to talk about it and scratch a few things off his.

So as part of his appearance last night, Bill Murray held a clip board and talked about scratching some things off of his bucket list. He also did a tangent about Martha Stewart that you really need to hear. It already sounds odd, right? Well, it manages to get even odder. But this is Bill Murray so it is as much awesome as it is odd.

Well, I was gonna tell you about the final part of Bill Murray’s bucket list appearance, but I think it better to let the clip speak for itself right now. A picture is worth a thousand words, right, and my word count needs to stay under 500, so this might be the best road to take.

So if YOU have a bucket list, you can officially scratch Bill Murray taking a selfie with Lady Gaga off that list. Okay, so maybe no one in the right mind would have had that on their list, but still. A clip like that just reminds us why we love the guy in the first place.

[Photo via Frazer Harrison / Getty]

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