Binge Watching Has Changed the TV Landscape

Netflix has forever altered the way we consume TV shows, and it seems like the rest of television is going to have to race to catch up over the next few years. The video above from HuffPo discusses the recent unavoidable trend of binge watching TV. Netflix offers entire seasons of hugely popular shows, and with no earthly reason to wait a full week in between episodes, viewers tend to binge on their favorites, watching multiple episodes in a day. I think my own record was 10 episodes of House of Cards in a single sitting.

They compiled some viewing data and found that 61% of TV viewers binge on shows, and 73% feel good about doing so. That other 27%? Well, I’ve been there. After my 17th episode of Archer in a row, I stopped and thought about what I was really doing with my life. But then I shoved that thought aside and watched a season of Always Sunny instead.

What about you? Are you viewing habits moving toward binging? Do you think we’ll ever get to a point where TV networks have to pull a “Netflix” and release entire seasons of shows at once? Seems far-fetched, but that’s the way the trend is moving.

Paul Tassi In addition to writing for TVOvermind, Paul has contributed to major publications such as Forbes. He's a video game expert as well as TV and Movie guy.
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