Binging With Babish: Frasier Special dedicated to John Mahoney

Binging with Babish is always fun, and in this Frasier-inspired special that’s dedicated to the late John Mahoney who passed away just recently it’s fun to see how the styles of Frasier and Marty Crane kind of come together and clash in a way that’s every bit as funny as it was during the show. If you remember Frasier and Niles and their father Marty were of very different opinions when it came to food. Niles and Frasier enjoyed a finer cuisine that was resplendent with fine sauces, sushi, and other types of foods that were considered fine dining and were not typically considered for those that possessed anything other than a sophisticated palette that could appreciate the delectable tastes that made their way to the plate. Like I said, pretentious.

But to be quite honest the dishes that are made in this episode do look rather good, though Babish seems to have a serious love affair with kosher salt that borders on the level of being slight overkill.  Salt is definitely important for taste and for the evolution of a dish from just okay to simply wonderful, but using so much seems to be asking for an overabundant and very salty taste to some of the food that would require a great deal of water to go with it. Aside from that however the Cornish game hens and the carpaccio look quite good to be honest. The rice with the lamb also looks very delectable save for the fact that golden raisins seem to be a preferred ingredient. Many people might find this to be quite appetizing and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t too, though without the raisins.

Binging with Babish is certainly an innovative and delightful show for those that want to learn how to cook both the unconventional and the more interesting dishes they see on TV. So far he’s taken on so many recipes that it’s a wonder that he can still keep finding more to do so that the foodies and chefs around the world that find him amusing can learn from what he’s doing. It’s pretty cool to learn that he’s self-taught since this seems like it would take a great deal of time and effort to accomplish, but could be very rewarding when all was said and done. It’s also very impressive that he’s decided to take on the challenge of creating so many dishes from TV shows since you can easily imagine that there is a wide variety to pull from. Personally I’d love to see him do something like a weenie-tot from Married With Children, or the Flaming Homer from The Simpsons. I’m not sure if he’s done such things yet but considering all he’s done there might be a possibility that something similar could have already been created.

In deference to Frasier however you kind of had to assume that something rich and highly delectable would make it to the plate. But then you see the BBQ chips and pudding and remember how Marty Crane swore that they were some of the greatest things in the world. Um, yeah, no.

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