Black Mirror Will Return With a New Christmas Special

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Hopefully by now you haven’t missed Channel 4’s Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s amazing anthology series that examines the ramifications of various forms of technology in our live. Each episode is self-contained, and the show is more or less a technologically-infused, longer version of The Twilight Zone for the internet age.

The show has only had six episodes across two seasons to date, but now there’s word that Black Mirror will be returning for a new Christmas Special on Channel 4, as is UK TV tradition. There aren’t too many details as to what it might be about at this point, only what Brooker has to say about it here:

“I always enjoy a good ghost story at Christmas, and I’m a sucker for the Amicus’ compendium horror movies of the 70s. Our aim is to create the Black Mirror equivalent of that.”

Phil Clarke, Channel 4’s head of comedy, added: “I’m delighted that we have a Black Mirror Special this Christmas. Charlie Brooker has penned a dystopian future festive tale, that intertwines three stories to deliver a dramatic and thrilling twist. It’s satirical, comic, disturbing, and thought provoking. Not to be missed.”

It’s unfortunate that it’s not a full  new season, though that’s still promised. For now we’ll have to wait and see what the most “head-bending” episode of the show will look like yet. You don’t have to catch up on the show to watch the Christmas Special, but you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t watch the other six episodes, as most are truly incredible.

[Photo via Channel 4]

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