Bob Costas and His Eye Infection Get Replaced by Matt Lauer

bob costas

Seems like all anyone wants to talk about this week is Bob Costas and his pink eye. It started slow, and he tried using giant glasses to hide them, but to no avail. Even though it is out of his control, seems Bob Costas and his eyes are getting replaced by Matt Lauer, and his decidedly dry eyes that don’t freak people out. I kind of feel bad for Bob Costas, but what can you do?

The long story short is, Bob Costas got an eye infection that got steadily worse and worse. It started in one eye, and spread to both. While he did a decent job of hiding it at first, eventually it became quite obvious. It seemed all anyone wanted to talk about in Twitter for two days was Bob Costas and his eyes.

Well, Today did not want that hype, so they are pulling Costas from Olympic coverage and replacing him with the decidedly less infected Matt Lauer. Seems to work best for all involved. Bob Costas and his eyes get to spend some time getting better. This means people don’t have to see it, which will make the public happy. On top of that , Matt Lauer gets to go experience the terror that is Sochi right now.

Actually, come to think of it, Matt Lauer kind of loses in this one. I mean, have you SEEN the hotel rooms out there?


[Photo via Ilya S. Savenok/Stringer]

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