Bordertown: Fox Orders ANOTHER Seth McFarlane Animated Show


Hey, you know who doesn’t have enough animated shows on Fox? Seth McFarlane. I feel like that guy should have at least fifteen or sixteen cartoons at once or Fox are failing as a network. Wait, did I forget to use my sarcasm font there? Oh man. Anyway, seems the network has just ordered ANOTHER animated pilot from Seth McFarlane. Rejoice, though. He is only producing this one. Keep in mind we have nothing against the guy, but we can also admit his three shows are the EXACT same. No, really. They are.

TV Line broke the story, but it really seems as if Fox can’t get enough McFarlane, even though the show, entitled Borderland, will only be produced by him. The actual show was created by Mark Hentemann, who has worked closely with Seth on his other Fox classic, Family Guy. The show is about two neighboring families who live in a fictitious town in Mexico and are dealing with entirely different sides of the same coin. One, a border agent and his family, and the other, a Mexican family just trying to make it in the modern world. How much you want to bet it has a talking, anthropomorphic animal on it? I’ll put five on it.

Though Bordertown is still only in its infancy stage, we will have more about this new animated show coming to Fox soon. Our thoughts: Seth McFarlane could attach his name to old B-role footage of people sneezing and Fox would run it in prime time and say it is the best thing ever made.

No, seriously, they love that dude.

[Photo via Gage Skidmore]

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