Bow Wow Addresses Rumors of Being Fired Off 106 & Park

bow wow

I can’t say I’ve been keeping up with my BET as of late, but apparently Bow Wow has been hosting a video countdown show on the channel called 106 & Park for quite some time. I’m glad to see someone is still doing video countdowns now that MTV is….whatever the hell MTV is now.

But fans were scared this weekend when rumors began flying that Bow Wow had actually been fired from his hosting duties. This and Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest in one week? Too much to handle!

It turns out the rumors are false, however, and Bow Wow forcefully pushed back against them on Twitter.

“clear it for fans bro !! Clear what? That ill see yall at 6pm tomorrow live on TV like i do err day whats changed?”

Turns out the news item that sparked all these rumors was from a parody site, but since it wasn’t The Onion, people took it seriously and ran with it. This can happen from time to time with sites like these, but usually the confusion is cleared up quickly. Even The Onion itself has landed a story or two on Fox News in the past.  In any case, glad to hear it was all made-up and that Bow Wow is still employed. He’s a talented guy.

[Photo via D Dipasupil/Stringer]

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