“The Brave” Series Premiere: How Did It Fare?

As much as we all love a good military show, it takes more than just action to get us attached. There’s a certain level of personal attachment that must occur in order for viewers to really connect with military-based characters. New show The Brave does this quite successfully in its premiere on September 25, giving us an action-packed military show that has highly-trained-yet-still-just-human type of characters.

The Brave focuses on an elite Special Ops team as lead by Mike Vogel’s Captain Adam Dalton. Hi steam includes Jaz the sniper as played by Natacha Karam, McG the medic as played by Noah Mills, Demetrius Grosse’s Preach, and Amir, an intelligence officer played by Hadi Tabbal. Each of these actors are well-established in the TV industry, and all these faces put together from a bunch of different shows already gives us a bright hope for The Brave.

The show is based in Washington, D.C., where the headquarters of the Defense Intelligence Agency is located. Capt. Dalton’s team works closely with this agency to conduct dangerous missions. Their mission in the premiere was to rescue an American doctor who was kidnapped by a terrorist group. The group’s leader needed some treatment, and the American doctor was captured to provide it. Capt. Dalton’s team, of course, comes into the picture and solves everything rather swiftly and professionally, albeit with a few blown bodies. What’s military action without that anyway? We get a good picture of how good Dalton’s team is immediately, knowing that such a mission is probably more dangerous and difficult than we think, and Dalton’s team just happens to be one of the best. By the end of the premiere, the American doctor is safe and reunited with family. The show gave us a twist, however, that left us hanging in the most surprising of ways, making us want to tune into the show even more than we already did.

There are other military shows currently on that are probably just as well written as The Brave. While the premise is different in the most positive of ways, we believe the strength of this show lies in the familiar faces that are playing such well-written characters. Mike Vogel did an excellent job carrying his captain role, and so did the rest of his team. There’s a sense of familiarity with their characters that are really hard to come by with military shows. The story wasn’t bad altogether either. While there’s a predictability that comes with new shows, The Brave already managed to give us a twist that was completely unexpected.

We’re hoping that this is a sign of some good writers on the show, and the premiere certainly points us towards that direction. It also helps that veteran Anne Heche is also one of the main characters, playing Patricia Campbell, Deputy Director of the agency. The experience she brings onto the screen is remarkable, and we believe we’re being set up with lots of drama between Dalton’s team and the agency for the future. After all, the survival of the team is all in Campbell’s hands, as we saw in the premiere’s final moments. Let’s just say we’re looking forward to what happens next week and the week after that, so it might be safe to say that we’re hooked. The show airs on Monday nights on ABC.

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