Breaking Bad and Netflix Shows: The 2014 WGA Nominees Announced

Remy Carreiro December 5, 2013 0


The 2014 WGA nominees have been announced. For those not savvy on how this industry works, that is the Writer’s Guild Awards. Basically, all the amazing TV you watch? These are the folks who actually come up with those stories. The people who give your favorite characters voices and attributes you never forget. As much as we all love Bryan Cranston as Walter White, don’t forget, that was all written up for him. It was simply his job to perform (which he did, wonderfully). As a writer, I will admit, these are my favorite awards. Why? Because the WGAs are awards finally given to the true under seen heroes of the industry. The writers.

So, for your consideration, the 2014 WGA Nominees are:

Breaking Bad
The Good Wife
House of Cards
Mad Men

30 Rock
Modern Family
Parks and Recreation
Orange Is the New Black

The Americans
House of Cards
Masters of Sex
Orange Is the New Black
Ray Donovan

“Buried” (Breaking Bad), Written by Thomas Schnauz
“Confessions” (Breaking Bad), Written by Gennifer Hutchison
“Episode 101” (House of Cards), Teleplay by Beau Willimon
“Granite State” (Breaking Bad), Written by Peter Gould
“Hitting the Fan” (The Good Wife), Written by Robert King & Michelle King
“Pilot” (Masters of Sex), Written by Michelle Ashford

“Career Day” (Modern Family), Written by Paul Corrigan & Brad Walsh
“Farm Strong” (Modern Family), Written by Elaine Ko
“Hogcock!” (30 Rock), Written by Jack Burditt & Robert Carlock
“Lesbian Request Denied” (Orange Is the New Black), Written by Sian Heder
“Leslie and Ben” (Parks and Recreation), Written by Michael Schur & Alan Yang
“Pilot” (Orange Is the New Black), Teleplay by Liz Friedman and Jenji Kohan

“A Test Before Trying” (The Simpsons), Written by Joel H. Cohen
“Game of Tones” (Futurama), Written by Michael Rowe
“Hardly Kirk-ing” (The Simpsons), Written by Tom Gammill & Max Pross
“Murder on the Planet Express” (Futurama), Written by Lew Morton
“Saturday Morning Fun Pit” (Futurama), Written by Patric M. Verrone
“Yolo” (The Simpsons), Written by Michael Nobori

The Colbert Report
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Saturday Night Live

Days of Our Lives,
General Hospital
The Young and the Restless

From TV Line.

A few themes you can see in the 2014 WGA nominees list are that Netflix is producing shows that rival anything on any other major network. You also see Breaking Bad. Moment of silence for that amazing show. The truth is, writers are the backbone to this whole industry, and it is nice to see that one moment, every year, when they finally get the recognition they deserve.

So who did they miss? Take to the comments and give us your thoughts on the 2014 WGA nominees.

[Photo via Frank Ockenfels/AMC]