Brittany Snow To Star in New ABC Sitcom


Brittany Snow is one of those actresses who has really grown on me over the years. She is most well-known for the show, American Dreams, but she has done quite a bit since. The thing is, she has been taking quite a bit of roles in horror films in the last five years. She went from being America’s sweet heart, to being in films that would make most people cringe in fear. Looks like she may be heading back to sweetheart territory, as Brittany Snow to star in new ABC sitcom, An American Education.

Well, we may not want to celebrate that sweetheart status too quick, as An American Education is said to be a bit edgy from time to time, we hear. The show is about a British professor who gets transplanted into a public school in San Diego. As you can imagine, kooky hi-jinks and silly scenarios abound as the out-of-towner tries to acclimate himself to our strange ways. Brittany Snow to star as his potential love interest. Ofcourse, this is sitcom TV, so you know these two pairing up will not be as easy as it sounds in print. Thanks to Deadline Hollywood for breaking the story.

An American Education is a remake of the BBC series, Bad Education. We will reveal more on the show as more is revealed to us.

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