Bryan Cranston Says Godzilla Was a Diva To Work With


I know that the definition of Diva has nothing to do with giant lizards, but go with that for the sake of the article. Seems Bryan Cranston had some less-than-stellar things to say about his co-star. As you can imagine, working with a lizard that is the size of two buildings stacked upon one another mustn’t be an easy gig. They say never work in shows or movies where there are kids and animals involved. I guess they need to add “giant lizards” to that list.

Seems Godzilla was kind of a jerk. Bullying people because of his size and start power. It honestly sounds like working with him was a bad experience for Bryan Cranston. I hope this does not affect potential sequels.

Honestly, though, that seems like it kinda makes sense. I mean, Godzilla has been doing this for half a century. If anyone is deserved of the big ego, it is Godzilla, right? I mean, I know not leaving your trailer can be a rough move and cost the movie companies a lot, but being a giant lizard in a little man’s world can’t be easy, either.
Do you ever stop to think about it that way?

Well, go see Godzilla this weekend, and watch Heisenberg do his best to outwit the giant lizard. Rumor is it is pretty awesome, diva or not.

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