Is Cable TV As We Know It Doomed?

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The landscape of TV is changing, and it is changing because of the computer. Moreover, not just the computer, but some of the services one can get from their computer. Mainly, I am talking about two services right now. First off, Netflix. Second, Hulu Plus.  All slowly changing the way we watch our cable. Only a fool would think this trend would stop anytime soon. If anything, with original programming like Orange is the New Black being most of what people have talked about lately, we are seeing that the cable companies and their outrageous prices are pretty much doomed. We say about time.

Think about Netflix, and compare it to your regular cable. While you probably have On-Demand on some level now, there are still shows you will miss. On top of that, what is your cable bill? Mine is in the low hundreds. Now look at Netflix. It has the shows you want when you want to watch them, and on top of that, it is constantly evolving and adding stuff. Now if we compare price points, you will realize how boorish and unnecessary cable is. But wait, there’s more.

Next we call up Hulu Plus. What is the price of that? A year of that will cost you what about a month of the cable you have now. So you get Hulu Plus and you get Netflix. Spend what, $20 + bucks a month. You then buy a Google Chromecast (which will take all your stuff from your computer and put it on your TV in HD) and you realize, you just saved about a thousand dollars in one year. A decade of doing that puts an extra ten thousand dollars in your pocket. And Hulu and Netflix know this, which is why both of them are getting better and better original programming.

I think the only cable company who may not need to worry yet is HBO. They are the only channel people still feel like they “need”. Thing is, HBO knows this, because now we have HBO Go. But what will HBO do next to keep up with this current trend of online cable and movie providers. Well, I would bet they become one themselves, to be honest.

So do I think cable TV is doomed because of better and cheaper alternatives?

Yes yes I do. And me and my wallet are quite excited about it, to be honest.

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