Can We Trust The Discovery Channel Anymore


I don’t know about you guys, but I am a one strike kind of person. That’s it. You get one strike. And this week, when The Discovery Channel aired the megalodon documentary that ended up actually being a mockumentary, that was pretty much their one strike. And I know I am not alone in this. There has been a huge backlash against the network, even with some celebrities coming out to air their displeasure with the channel’s dishonesty. So this begs the question. Can we trust The Discovery Channel anymore?

I know that may seem harsh to condemn the whole network for doing something shady once, but really, why are we supposed to assume this is the first time this happened? Perhaps this is the first time anyone found out, but maybe this has been happening year after year with this network. Maybe we have been fed small lies over a long period of time, and just don’t know it. But it would only be foolish of us to assume that this will be the last time this network pulls such a stunt. So first off, we need to ask why?

Shark Week is a ratings killer, and every year, Facebook, Twitter, and half the TV watching public go insane about it. We all eat it up, pun intended. So why would Discovery need to do anything to ruin that, or in the same sense, why do they need to use lies and propaganda to trick people into watching something that MOST PEOPLE WOULD WATCH ANYWAY? Seems like all the network did was kill some of their credibility, of which they had quite a bit up until Megalodon aired.

But second, there were a few points when I was watching it, where I looked at my girlfriend and said: that footage is fake. So if I thought that already, why would I be upset with the network? Easy. Discovery is one of the few places we go to get real information. Actual knowledge that makes us smarter and more knowledgeable. So what happens when the one person who doesn’t watch Megalodon until the end, and see the tiny, fast disclaimer, ends up writing a paper around it, or ends up debating someone in public about it, without knowing they were set up to look like a fool? Just doesn’t seem right on a lot of levels.

It is just the idea that we all thought Discovery was one of the only networks that DIDN’T resort to such silly, unnecessary tactics. And now that we know they do, will we ever be able to watch a show on Discovery the same way?

I know I won’t. I don’t like being lied to, even if it is half my fault for believing such a stupid lie.

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    they did a show on “mermaids” that was completely fake but was presented to us as real.